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Caregiver Way is a place where information and connection meet you where you are. Considering you’re here, you’re probably caring for someone special in your life. And your role – either abruptly, or over time – has shifted from daughter, husband, or friend to caregiver.  It’s possible (and likely) that you’ve not been trained on your new role, you’re simply doing your best. The good news is that with the right support, you can be all the things you need to be for your loved one, and for yourself.

Join us in Caregiver Way for education and community as you navigate your caregiving journey. Caregiver Way has content to guide you, a community of caregivers to connect and grow with, and tools to help you reflect and show up as the best version of your caregiving self.
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Now What?

Jane Bentley

April 19th, 2024

1 min read


If you were a caregiver whose loved one is now in a full-time care facility, you may be find yourself having lots of questions:

Now what?

What am I supposed to do now that I’m not caring for someone 24/7?

Why do I feel so lost?

Why do I want to sleep so much?

Sound familiar? I could go on, but you get the idea. When you have been a caregiver for someone for
so long, it’s sometimes hard to find “you” again. Lots of extra time sounds wonderful and scary
all once. And if you’re like I was, you may even feel guilty that you have the
freedom to do what you want for a change. It took me awhile. After all, I was a caregiver for 10
years. Being able to sleep without always “having one eye open” or “listening for your person”
sounds good, right? But being able to do that takes time. And really, before you can
even consider what you want to do next, you need to learn to relax, breathe and just BE.
And in my case, THAT was progress. No need to figure it all out today…take your time; be good
to yourself; listen to your body and your heart. Give yourself some grace. You deserve it.

Donata Duffy

Content Advisory Board Member

Vice President of Business Development

Donata has worked with older adults, their caregivers, and individuals with a disability for over a decade. Her passion drives her to identify gaps, advocate for change, and develop innovative services to enhance the lives of others. Donata has a sincere appreciation for those who fulfill caregiver roles as she assisted her mother in providing care for her father who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. At the time she was not aware of the various services and strived to educate others sooner rather than later in the caregiver space.

Meet Donata Duffy >
Changing a Brief

Teepa Snow

February 20th, 2024

1 min watch


How to change protective undergarments in late-state dementia care.

Candace Hattabaugh


Advancement Manager

Candace has years of experience in Caregiver Support and enjoys dancing in the rain whenever possible.

Meet Candace Hattabaugh >
Tips for Applying a Gait Belt

Cindy & Christina Hardin-Weiss

February 15th, 2024

3 min watch


Learn how to properly apply and adjust a gait belt.

Doug Everidge

Content Advisory Board Member

Leader of the Health Industry Team

Doug Everidge spent 28 years at Eli Lilly in numerous engineering and marketing roles before joining TrendyMinds in 2019 as the Leader of the Health Industry team. While at Lilly, Doug spent his last several years in the Alzheimer’s area, which became a true passion for him. He was able to travel around the world, meeting with many Alzheimer’s experts as well as many families affected by Alzheimer’s. Doug was a volunteer at Joy’s House before serving on its Board of Directors for 6 years. He also helped support the efforts of Dementia Friends of Indiana in its early days. Doug’s mother has been recently diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia.

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