Caregiver Way is an online community where family caregivers gather to be empowered through education, resources, and each other. Caregiver Way features content (videos, articles, audio, etc.) and a platform to connect with others in five categories: Self-care, Caring for Your Loved One, Financial & Legal, End-of-Life Care, and Life After Caregiving.


Caregiver Way is a venture of Joy’s House, an Indianapolis-based not-for-profit adult day service and caregiver support organization. It is designed to fill a tremendous gap in our communities for family caregivers.


Trusted Information
All content on Caregiver Way is vetted and approved by a qualified Content Advisory Board.


Meaningful Connection
Caring for a loved one often brings with it feelings of isolation. Caregiver Way provides a space for connection with others who walk a similar path, proving that no one is alone in their caregiving journey.


In Caregiver Way, private journals and prompted assessments help caregivers self-identify and offer insights into their challenges and needs.



Founded by sisters, co-workers, and caregivers. We know what it’s like to care for someone who is living with life-altering challenges. We’ve been there – professionally, and personally.


Caregiver Way is a place for you. Our hope, and plan, is that through Caregiver Way you understand both the whats and the hows of caregiving. You’ll soon learn that there are others like you…right here, in Caregiver Way. And like you, they’re here for community, to learn, and to support one another. We’re glad you’re here and we welcome you to Caregiver Way! 
Founded by us…sisters, co-workers, and caregivers,
~Tina McIntosh & Corrina Thompson

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